Win a $50 Gift Card from Fogo de Chao, Now Open in Rosemont!

fogo_de_chao_logoThis past Monday I did one of my favorite things… I ate steak! Yes, I LOVE steak. If I was ever asked for my last meal it would definitely include a big, fat, juicy, charred steak! Yeah, I will never be a vegetarian. Ok… now that my mouth is watering…

Years ago I had visited Fogo de Chao in downtown Chicago. It was great! Until recently that was the only location in the Chicago area. There is now a shiny new one open in Rosemont, IL. It is a beautiful space. The restaurant has several private rooms available for groups ranging from 15 to more than 100 guests. This means there are now a total of 29 locations to choose from to eat yummy steak!

Wait… I have a one track mind. Steak is not the only thing that they serve. The menu does consist of chicken, lamb, sausage, and pork. And there is a very large salad bar, along with several side dishes.

If you are a lover of meat and you have never visited a Brazilian steakhouse you are missing out. I advise going with an empty stomach. You have the potential to eat a lot of great food. LOL! The concept is simple (and awesome).  How does it work? With the standard 3 course meal you get unlimited access to the salad and sides bar where you can choose from over 30 items.


I tried salad with some wonderful basil dressing, cucumbers, red potatoes, asparagus, olives, shrimp, smoked salmon, and more. And this was my plate BEFORE all of the meat! I was almost worried that I would not have room (almost!)


Once you finish with your veggies, you are ready for the main course…. meat!


At your table you will have a little card. It looks like a coaster, but it is your key to paradise. LOL! If you want meat, flip it to the green side. If you need a break, flip it to the red side. As long as it is on green they will keep bringing various meat. It arrives at the table served on skewers. The waiter will serve you, or sometimes ask you to use your tongs to pull it off.


There are 16 different varieties of meat to choose from. Options include (click on each name to read the description on the Fogo de Chao website.):


I had quite a few of them on my plate.  I believe that I tried the Picanha, Alcatra, Frango, Linguica, Frango… both the legs, and wrapped in bacon (YES!!!), and Beef Ancho. I mentioned that I love meat right?? With each meal they bring garlic mashed potatoes, polenta, and caramelized bananas to the table. Oh, and the cheese bread was heaven!!!

I cannot forget about dessert. We had Papaya Cream, South American Flan, Crème Brule, and some absolutely SINFUL chocolate cake.


Yes, I ate VERY VERY well! And you can too! In my opinion prices are not bad. You pay $26.50 for lunch and $46.50 per person for dinner. But remember, it is pretty much all you can eat. And this food is NOT your typical buffet style fair!

Want to try it for yourself? One of our readers will win a $50 Fogo de Chao gift card to treat yourself to lunch or dinner! Leave a comment below telling me your favorite cut of steak.

Also, throughout the month of October, diners at Fogo de Chao in Rosemont (#FogoRosemont) will receive a complimentary dessert if they mention “ChicagonistaLIVE”.  The ladies of Chicagonista will be broadcasting live from #FogoRosemont on Oct. 8th at 2pm. You can watch the show at  Winners will be chosen on October 8th and announced on the show!

Good luck!

12 Responses to Win a $50 Gift Card from Fogo de Chao, Now Open in Rosemont!

  1. I love Fogo de Chao!! We usually take our whole family on Labor Day!! It’s usually about 30 of us! My 82 year old grandaddy is the funniest. He says “forget all that “foo foo” stuff & bring me my meat!” I never liked lamb UNTIL going to Fogo de Chao! those petite lamb chops are so tender. they melt in my mouth!! We will definitely try this NEW location!!

  2. Oh my… This place sounds fabulous!! My favorite cut.. is filet mignon.. small petite .. powerful in flavor.. melts in your mouth.. when prepared correctly.. 🙂

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