Win 2 Tickets to Listen to Your Mother Chicago!

There are a few things that we all know about motherhood. It can be funny, emotional, scary, crazy, and very rewarding. Trust me… as a mom of 2 sets of twins I have plenty of stories! Have you ever sat around a table with your mom friends and laughed and cried at each other’s stories? Imagine that in a bigger medium. That is Listen to Your Mother.

Photo by Brandi Lee of Ballee Images
Photo by Brandi Lee of Ballee Images

This year LTYM is made up of a cast of 11. There is even one Dad! One of our own, Sidney Reid of Hysterical Mom is performing! I give these folks props. I have spoken in front of crowds before with no problem. But there is just something extra emotional about sharing Motherhood stories in front of a crowd. I get teary just thinking about it!

Earlier this week, one of the producers, and an awesome, funny lady herself, Tracey Becker, visited WGN to tell us all about the show. Watch the video below to learn more.


Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8. Start celebrating early! Show day is May 1, 2016. Bring your mom, your bestie, or your daughter out to laugh, cry, and enjoy motherhood.

Want to go?? Just leave me a comment with a brief memory about motherhood that you cherish. I’ll choose winners on Sunday, April 24!


Good luck!!

7 Responses to Win 2 Tickets to Listen to Your Mother Chicago!

  1. I didn’t really realize how much my mom had taught me about life until I watched her as my dad was dying. I know it was during that time when I learned the most invaluable lessons.

  2. My mom always being there when I need her, even if I don’t ask, like staying with me in Florida when my husband had a stroke. She dropped everything to join me so I wouldn’t have to be alone.

    I would love to see the show with this wonderful cast!

  3. As a child I saw my mom throw stuff around corners if we tried to run, my oldest son did something and ran before I can get up and I threw a houseshoe around the corner and he said ouch! Him and my daughter was like how did you do that? I said I don’t know when you become a parent you will be able to throw around corners too!
    Disclaimer: No children were hurt with the throwing of items around corners…

  4. I’m the only child of a supermom who set the bar really high in so many ways… And with Sidney Reid on deck, I’ll probably spend the whole show laughing, crying or both!

  5. Being a mother of 3, I am sure that there is so much that I can relate to within this show. I look forward to sharing the bond of motherhood, being a daughter, and sisterhood.

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