When I Call Customer Support, I Want a Person…

One of my biggest pet peeves is calling a support line and having to either talk to an automatic system, or push my way through tons of menus before getting to a person. I strongly believe that services that make us do this do not like us. LOL! ­čśÇ

A GREAT inbound call center would have us only go through a couple of clicks before getting to a person.┬áPreferably┬ásomeone with a nice pleasant voice and happy attitude. Oh, and they have to know what they are talking about. ­čÖé And I know that is not always easy. I worked the help desk on ┬ámy previous job for a little over 2 years. And after that I was a tech support rep. It takes a lot of time to learn the ropes enough to be able to quickly answer calls that get problems fixed.

And I only worked in a University setting with a limited number of people that I could help. Can you imagine doing call support for a huge company like Lord & Taylor or Toyota? They have employees spread out all over the world. The amount of people calling in for support could get into the thousands.

Having a dedicated call center that knows the range of problems that each might have calling in is a must. ┬áGlobal Response handles calls for many of these companies. They have staff that are trained to work with each company so when a call comes in there is no frustration, just results. They even handle my favorite option, online chat support! I don’t have to sit on hold and I can type it all out. Lovely!

Lets hope that other companies learn the value of great call support.


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