What Would You Wear on a Night Out to a Casino?

I have been to Vegas 3 times. Each time was for conference or similar. I have been twice for CES in January and once for a blogging conference in August. I have experienced the hot and the cold side of Vegas. And unless you have been under a rock you know that Vegas is all about the casinos! Some people go to Vegas for the ultimate party. They get dressed up for a night on the town and they hit the casinos and shows. But how do you dress? If you have not been to Vegas the thought that can intimidating for a fashionista. Of course you want to dress the part. The below post gives some ideas.

11949852851552968440vestito_rosa.svg.medIf there’s one thing that is true it is that women generally like to dress up on a daily basis in order to look their best the matter where they are going. Well most times anyway. Sometimes moms just throw on sweats or yoga pants to head out to the store. 🙂 This is because most people enjoy making the best first impression they can and this includes to strangers on the street.

When going out dressing up is even more important as going to a night club or bar can mean you are looking to impress somebody or find that special someone. In recent times there have been more people than ever trying a night out at the local casino in order to try something different than usual. Some don’t realize that more than just gambling goes on at the casino. There are shows, buffets, and lots of mingling. And because of this many women have had to think about what they are going to wear. When you think about casinos and the dress codes they have you often think of men in tuxedos and women in expensive dresses because of what is on TV. But of course that is not the case in most casinos.

Often what is actually worn to a casino is something comfortable that still has a bit of style for example a mid-length dress or a pair of trousers and shirt as these will allow you to move freely and not be conscious of what you’re wearing all the time. One of the main things is that if you’re wearing a skirt or dress that it is not too short or tight as many casinos do not appreciate this kind of dress. Also, wear comfy shoes. Steer away from heels that are too high. Of course the casino atmosphere is not for everyone. If you don’t fancy a glamorous night out, you can play all your favorite games from the comfort of your on home by playing on an iPhone casino or online.

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Coming from Sheffield, Tom’s hobbies include writing and recording music, and creating video games. He also runs events to do with video games where people come to watch tournaments. Tom is currently studying in his final year at university.

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