The FLOTUS Don’t Play That!

Our First Lady is no shrinking violet!
Our First Lady is no shrinking violet!

So in case we weren’t sure, it has now been confirmed:  Michelle Obama is NOT to be messed with.  Yesterday, the First Lady of the United States was about halfway through a 20-minute speech at a Democratic fundraiser (the tickets for which ranged from $500 to a whopping $10,000) when a gay rights activist started hollering about the Chief of Staff signing an executive order on gay rights. Oh, no, she didn’t! See, there are some women you can do that to. Your nail tech. Your secretary at work, maybe. The chick behind the counter at the place where you get your salad who always forgets your croutons. But the FLOTUS? The woman behind the man who’s been running the country for the last 5 years or so? Have you ever seen her Mommy glare? Better yet, have you seen her ARMS? What about that woman made you think you’d get away with that??

In her usual unflappable manner, Mrs. Obama calmly said “One of the things I don’t do well is this…” and stepped down from the podium, approached the heckler, identified as Ellen Sturtz, and told her that she could take the mic.  Then she asked the crowd who they would rather hear speak.  The choice was clear, and Michelle Obama waded back through the applauding audience, resumed her place at the podium and finished her speech. What happened to Ellen? Oh, yeah, she was asked to leave. When asked by media how she felt about the incident, Ms. Sturtz had the nerve to say that she was taken aback when the First Lady confronted her.  Is she serious??  If you have the gumption to interrupt Michelle Obama during a speech, you darn well better be able to deal with the fallout.  The moral of the story?  Don’t Sturtz none, won’t be none.

What do you think about the FLOTUS’ reaction to being heckled? What would YOU have done?

You can watch NBC’s take on the hubbub HERE.

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