School is Almost Out. Moms Rejoice!

papersI started writing this post this morning. Then I saw THIS post shared on Facebook. Jen Hatmaker put into words what so many of us are thinking and going through from day to day. I laughed and laughed while reading her post, and I sometimes said “YES! I know what you mean” to the computer screen. I think I love her. I was intimidated, but I decided to write my post anyway. LOL!

As you may know, I am divorced. My kids are with their Dad this week. We switch from week to week. This actually works out great for me actually getting stuff done, and staying sane… usually. However, this morning I got a call from the school. None of my kids had done anything bad. The call was for me. I was bad. Well… sorta. First some background… A typical morning in my house goes like this..

“Girls, boys, wake up!”

“Hey… everyone, get up NOW” (while clapping loudly)

“Brush your teeth”

“Kristopher, stop playing and brush your teeth.”


“Get dressed.”

“Stop rolling around on the floor and put your clothes on!”

“Put your shoes on!”

“You better be down there putting your shoes on!”

“Get your stuff and get in the car.”

During this time I grab my own stuff, run down to the garage and get in the car where the children are waiting. I back out and we are on our way. My children are commuter kids. Long story short… they are in an awesome charter school that belongs to the campus where I used to work, so they still go there. They go to school 45 mins from home when with me. The drive takes an hour on a bad day. If it is my day to switch off I kiss them all while putting them out of the car and I yell “See you next week!” Then I breathe a sigh of relief. Their Dad then picks them up from school that evening. This is what happened on Tuesday. Except this time when we got to the school as the boys were getting up to get out of the car I said “Where is your backpack?” to which they both replied “Umm…” I’m sure I turned beet red and I cursed in my mind and said a few words and sent them off. I have not been back into the city since then. Remember, it is 45 minutes away. I only go when absolutely necessary. Gas is expensive.

So… this morning I got a call from Jayden’s teacher. She was calling to let me know that for the 2nd day in a row he did not have his backpack. I had to report that I was aware of this, that he forgot it here. This is the 2nd time this school year this particular teacher has reprimanded me. The first time was because I was not checking his folder. :\

As Jen stated in her post… we as parents get BURNT OUT from school. When our kids are in school we have just as much work to do! There are folders to check, forms to fill out, logs to sign, reading to be done, homework to help with, trip slips to sign, supplies to send, teacher’s days to remember, uniforms to clean and get ready, cupcakes and goody bags to send, valentines to buy, projects to do, talent show outfits to get together… IT NEVER ENDS!!

I LOVE when my kids have days off school or vacations. I see moms posting on Facebook “Oh no. My kids are out of school. What are we going to do?” The answer? NOTHING! Or play, or go to the park. I love these days!! It means that I don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn (or before), get 4 kids ready and drive an hour to their school. It means that we get to relax. So… I CANNOT WAIT for summer break! We have some fun activities planned, and we are going to sleep late every day. Well… probably except Jayden because he wakes up at 6:58 am no matter what. 😐

2 more weeks.

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