Ready, Set, WAIT. The Rosie Show / Jenny Craig Experience, Part 2

So you may recall a while back that I posted about participating in a meal plan program on The Rosie Show along with a top secret celebrity.  Back then, I’d been told that it was called ready|set|go, and I was one of 25 women selected from over a thousand to participate in the program for 28 days and document my weight loss journey.  Well, turned out the program was really the launch of Jenny Craig’s jenny|set|go program, and Mariah Carey was the super-secret celebrity who was also on the plan.  Mimi Wismer, Jaede Brereton, Melisa Coleman Douglas, Sloane Lynch Maymon and I were the 5 women (out of the original 25 guinea pigs participants) selected to go back to The Rosie Show to debut jenny|set|go by showing off our new figures and revealing the big celebrity!  Here’s how it went:

We’d spent the last 28 days adhering to a strict program. Well, I had.  Found out on Spa Day that a couple of the girls had been cheating!  The day before the show taping, all 5 of us spent the day being plucked, prodded, primped and pruned.  After arriving at Harpo Studios, we got to play out that Rodeo Drive boutique dressing room scene from Pretty Woman.  Rosie’s stylist introduced us to the miracle that is SPANX (hallelujah!) and we tried on several outfits that had been chosen for us based on questionnaires we’d filled out in advance.  Imagine a rack laden with gorgeous clothes, all IN YOUR SIZE, and chosen to flatter your body.  Fashionista heaven.  Add to that several wicked shoe choices, an entire table loaded with blingy accessories, and the promise of a full glam squad the following day for the taping.  After wardrobe fittings, we were chauffeured by limousine to get  the works at SalonBuzz in downtown Chicago:  tresses cut and colored (two of us even got Brazilian keratin treatments) with matching eyebrows and shiny mani/pedis.  My trip to the salon took hours (had to wear a gas mask during my keratin treatment– they say “pain before beauty” but they didn’t mention searing-hot burning scalp, eyes and throat), but I felt like a million bucks when they were done. At one point, there were 5 women working on my hair.  It was bananas!!  There’s a picture somewhere of me looking like some Hindu goddess with 6 arms at work beautifying me in preparation for the perfect cut.  Andreas is a “shear” genius, and he served as both stylist and therapist.  I felt like such a sappy cliche, but I actually cried in the chair when he was done.  I looked great, but more importantly, I felt beautiful.  The best part was riding around downtown in a limo looking– and feeling– as though I actually belonged there.  I got my personal trifecta in one day:  a financially worry-free shopping spree, honey brown hair, and a nighttime view of the Gold Coast as seen through the moonroof of a limo.  The only things missing were my loving husband and a crystal flute of sparkling wine. (There was champagne in the limo, but really, who wants to drink alone?)

The next day, we arrived at Harpo Studios at 8:30 am, got signed in, and were ushered into our “transformation” room.  Since we’d gotten the royal treatment the day before, all we really needed was makeup and touchups for our hair.  Makeup was REALLY cool.  The Rosie Show brought in masters from the Laura Mercier counter at Bloomies, and we got the real deal:  full face of “believe-it-or-not”, (starting with moisturizer! and you know when makeup actually smells nice, you’re working with the good stuff).  Each of us were in the chair for at least 20 minutes.  We got pretty TV cheeks, lips, eyes, and then…

All made up & nowhere to go!


There was no “RSG” food in our dressing room, and we all tried to be good at first, eating from the fruit tray and ignoring the decadent cookies and rich cheese- and sauce-laden gourmet sandwiches.  As the hours wore on, hair and makeup was done and we were dressed and ready for the show thanks to some expert aestheticians from the Laura Mercier counter at Bloomies on the Mag Mile and Rosie’s stylist.  1:00 came and went, then 2:00. Around then, we all gave in and tore into those sandwiches like the crazed, starving women we were. Close to 3:00, some Rosie Show staffers hustled us out to the front row and the taping began.  I think everyone in the group knew the secret celebrity was Mariah Carey except clueless me and maybe Jaede. Supposedly somebody even let it slip out in the hallway, but I didn’t hear it!  Well, Mrs. Cannon floated down from the ceiling on a glittery crescent moon.  Pretty cool. During the show, as we sat in the front row of the audience freezing our patooties off (except Mimi, poor baby!) Sloane and I were wondering when we’d get a chance to talk because Rosie and Mariah were chatting so long.  Finally, they got around to us!  Melisa spoke first, and they put her before pic up on the screens while she was talking. Thank GOD they didn’t do that to me!  Then Jaede, Mimi, Sloane and I all told how much weight we’d lost (I’d lost 18 lbs at that point).  Mariah interacted with us for a bit and then went back to chatting with Rosie.  Wanna see the show?  Click here.  At the end of the show, all 5 of us went up on stage and met Rosie and Mariah, and we took pictures that later ended up in Jenny centers all over the country.  I was SO excited.  You could see every tooth in my head, I was grinning so wide!  After the taping, we went upstairs to wait for Mariah (although we didn’t know it– nobody told us what the heck we were waiting for until we’d been there for what felt like hours) and Melisa and I finally got to meet our “Slimologist”, Victoria, who’s really a former consultant but is now a marketing exec for Jenny.  We had like 12 seconds to eat, and then Mariah wrapped up her phone interview and came and talked with us for five minutes, took a few more pictures, and got whisked off to catch a flight.  Immediately after, they sent us back down to our dressing room where we got our gift bags (which I’m pretty sure everyone else in the audience got too but free stuff is good stuff!) and then we all went our separate ways.  It was the experience of a lifetime and I’m still floating because Mariah Carey looked at me and said I was really pretty.  And then Rosie said it too.  WHAT?!?!  Stuff like this doesn’t happen to me.  Amazing.

Check out this video from the show:

And here are more photos from the experience:


The Fab 5, MC & RO onstage
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Stay tuned for Part 3:  Escape to New York!

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