Macy’s Spring Fashion Event with Jamie Krell

I was recently invited to get a look at the hottest Spring fashions and colors for 2013 at the Macy’s Spring Fashion Event on State Street in Chicago. I have always loved that building. Of course being born and raised in Chicago, and having gone to high school and college very close to downtown Chicago I spent a lot of time on State Street hanging out. This means that to me, the building will always be Marshall Field’s. 😉 I love that they have kept a lot of the original charm of the Marshall Field’s store. And the corner signs that say Marshall Field’s are still there! Kinda like the whole Sears Tower vs. Willis Tower thing.

Anyway, during the event we got a look at some awesome new fashions, hot colors for Spring, different ways to layer, and mixing different pieces to create one flawless look.

Jamie Krell, whom you might know as designer to the stars, was on hand to give us the latest. Jamie previously worked as a costume designer for Friends. She now shows up regularly on many shows including the TODAY Show, The View, The Talk, the CBS Early Show, EXTRA, and many, many more! She knows what she is talking about.

Jamie and a few other awesome designers have partnered with Macy’s to bring a series of events across the country to show off the latest fashions.

The Trends

Lace: I like lace, just not too much lace. But lace makes you feel feminine and sexy. Lace is awesome as accents on dresses and blouses.


Peplum: Peplum is great for those of us who like a little interest around the waist. It can help hide our problem area, or just add some nice, fashionable flair. Peplum can be found on blouses, pants, dress, and skirts.


Prints: Prints are fun and colorful and go great when paired with solids. I loved these print pants!


Chic Dresses: When I was younger and actually into my 20s I did not wear dresses much. My job as a computer technician often meant that I had to carry computers, printers, and other dusty equipment so I was always in jeans. But now? I LOVE dresses. I have half a closet full of them. I am anxiously awaiting summer to wear all of my chic dresses.macys_spring_fashion-9


The Makeup

Wearing the right makeup can make you feel pretty and ready for whatever is coming. Wearing the wrong makeup can make those around you feel like they are hanging out with a clown. LOL! It is important to know what colors will work for you, and important to know how to apply it correctly. We got a few tips on the newest trends in makeup from Estee Lauder. One tip was to use Bronzer! Bronzer is always in for spring and summer. I have a couple in my arsenal and I must say that it is one of my favorite things to use.

To make sure that your eyeshadow stays in place, use eyeshadow paint which lasts up to 12 hours. Finish it off with a pop of bold color on the lips which will make sure that you get noticed.


The Shoe Game

The models were all wearing some SUPER CUTE shoes. I have a passion for shoes even more in the summer. I love getting dressed really cute and then putting on my sandals or flip flops, and soaking up the sun. Before you sport your cutest shoes make sure that you get that pedicure done ladies! 🙂


I know I am certainly looking forward to Spring *finally* getting here and sticking! We have had a couple of teases of Spring weather. But here in Chicago, we need it to get warm and stay warm for a while! I will certainly be using what I learned at the Macy’s Spring Fashion Show to create some colorful, fashionable, outfits.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Everywhere Society. All opinions are my own.

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