If Adults Threw Tantrums

tantrumAs adults, we are expected to handle situations a certain way. When things don’t go our way we are to stop, think, then act accordingly… like an adult. We may vent to a friend. We may grab a cocktail. We may mumble and curse to ourselves when in traffic. But usually whatever turmoil we face we keep our cool. Well… most of us. Those that don’t get looked at with a side-eye and we shake our heads. But what if adults behaved like toddlers? I saw the below video this morning on Fox News… and boy can I relate! I feel this way SO much. LOL!

So what if we did walk around reacting this way? The world would be a more interesting place. 🙂 This cracked me up. Props to the actress in this video. She is fantastic. LOL! My favorite is the ending. 🙂

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