Guest Post: Style Tips for Your Girls Night Out

11949852761236337683silouettedonnavestiti.svg.medWe are all fashionistas in our own way. You might be the type that has to have the latest designer this or that, you may check out and wear all the latest trends, or your fashion may just be that you don’t care about designers at all! Whether you are in jeans and Chucks most of the time (like me), or dressed to the nines even when grocery shopping, you care about your appearance. And a night out with the girls is another reason to get dressed up. The below guest post gives us something to think about before we go out and hang with our BFFs.


Some might say we spend way too much time getting ready to go out for drinks or clubbing with our BFFs, but they’re wrong, because that’s one of the best parts of a girls night out! We’ve collected some style tips for your girls night out below, so that you’ll be completely up on the trends of 2013.

Let yourself shine!

Vogue’s Ingrid Hass writes here that it’s all about “lustrous foils, precious-metal prints, iridescent fabrics and holographic finishes” and based on what we have seen on the catwalk the last month, she wasn’t exaggerating. One of our favourite looks is sequinned, but anything that sparkles is good, as you’ll always stand out – even in the dark of a club! And don’t be afraid to combine your shiny clothes with even shinier make-up: the majority of makeup brands are offering holographic nail polish and stylish, glittery eye shadow now.

Make sure that you don’t overdress

We don’t mean tone it down: by all means wear an outfit that makes you feel confident – even if it’s glam to the power of a hundred, but remember you are going out with your friends to have fun and that it is not necessary to do the whole red carpet look. So instead of heels which might find you in agony at the end of the night, opt for a pair of stylish flats. It’s more important not overdress in the literal sense of the word, as you don’t want to be carrying several tops and a cardigan over your arm all night. Check the weather before you go out, or bring a bigger bag with you just in case!

Go retro

One of the key rock ‘n’ roll looks of the last 25 years was grunge. Back in the late eighties elements of punk culture and alternative rock combined to create this raw sound, which came with its own look and style, which is still associated with bands like Nirvana and Sonic Youth and still looks contemporary. The clothing is functional, raw and comfortable. One of the key items of the grunge revival look are red, skinny jeans. You can purchase a pair of high quality and affordable red jeans for your grunge look here.

Monochrome shades

If you are not into shiny colours, why not go for a black and white combination? It is the number one look this summer, as demonstrated on the catwalk by fashion houses such as Prada and Miu Miu. And not only is it an easy look to achieve, it also allows you to combine your outfit with a lot of accessories without looking weighed down by them!

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