Guest Post: Finding a Toy They Won’t Outgrow

I just posted a few days ago that I am in the midst of birthday season with my kids. Usually when it comes time to pick gifts, I don’t have much problem. But now that they are getting older and their tastes are changing it becomes harder to harder to figure out what they want. What will they actually enjoy most? What will they play with every day? And what can I buy that won’t sit and collect dust after a few days? If you read my other blog, you know how I feel about tech and gaming. It’s big in our house. Buy my boys a new game and they are happy, happy!

The below guest post gives us some ideas on gifts related to gaming that our kids will love well beyond their next birthday.


joypad_the_mad_processor_.svg.medKids grow up so fast these days. The gap between their pleading for the latest toy to it being deposited down the side of the bed seems to have shrank to nothing.

Of course, there are entertainment options out there that your children are less likely to grow out of that can hold their interest throughout each passing year. Toys, in fact, that stay relevant to a good number of children even as they enter adulthood – like a games console.

Aren’t they expensive?

They aren’t cheap. However, you don’t need to buy a game console brand new. The latest models (Xbox 360, Sony Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii) have all been around for a while now and second-hand versions can be found for reasonable prices.

Just like the consoles, games can also be bought second hand. Even if you’re after the latest games, it won’t be long before they start appearing in the second-hand section. A lot of video game aficionados like to play through the latest releases as soon as possible and trade them in on completion, so you can get a good deal on a game released just the week before.

And this is something you can do with your children’s games. Once they’ve finished playing with one, you can trade it in, either by part-exchanging it for another game or simply selling it for cash, which you can do at Music Magpie. Games are always likely to fetch some money when sold – a lot more than plastic figurines.

Find games for your kids

First off, despite the negative press that video games get in some circles, it is not true that all video games are violent. There are games out there that can cater to any age group – so long as they can operate the joy pad.

There are also games that cater to any specific interest. There are plenty of sport games for the active kids out there, adventure games for those with big imaginations and even puzzle games for kids that like to be challenged. The sheer scope of games available makes it easy to find a number of titles to satisfy your child.

Bad reputation

For some reason, video games do get quite a lot of bad press in certain sections of the press and with some MPs. The thing is playing video games does actually keep your mind active. In order to complete a game, you always need to be aware of what’s happening and always need to be thinking. It’s never really a case of impassively following what is happening on a screen, which is more a danger with television.

On top of puzzle games, which are great for keeping your mind healthy with brain teasers, there are also a whole host of educational games out there too. In fact, there is plenty of research going into the benefits of video games and plenty of articles on the subject online.

Happy Gaming!

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