Guest Post: Arranging the Perfect Themed Birthday Party for your Child

119498631918056439birthday_cake.svg.medAs mentioned in my last post, Birthday *Season* has Officially Begun!, I am in the mist of birthday season at my house. We are not doing a themed party this time. However, we have in the past. How do you decide what theme to use? How far do you go? Do you only do matching napkins and plates? Or do you go all out? The guest post below gives use some ideas on planning the perfect themed party for our children.

Celebrating a birthday will be one of the most joyous and memorable occasions for a child growing up. In a survey of 1,000 children aged up to 16 conducted by Opinion Matters, 82.3% said their birthday made them happy. This occasion beat school (unsurprisingly), playing outside, reading a book, computer games, Christmas and even spending time with family.

Therefore making this celebration an occasion to remember is vitally important, however stressful or difficult it may seem. Arranging a birthday party can be relatively easy and straightforward if you plan correctly.

Themed birthday parties are a great idea, as they are simple, uncomplicated, and for want of a better term, child’s play. Here is what to think about.

Let your child pick the theme

The last thing you want on your child’s birthday is an unhappy toddler or stroppy teenager because you have picked the wrong theme. Even the youngest of children will have a favorite interest, maybe a certain animal or a particular sport.

You will obviously have to make the final decision, but involving children with the whole planning process, including the choosing of invitations and decorations, will make them even happier. When friends arrive and start having fun, your child will be so proud of what they have accomplished, and so will you.

The number of guests to invite

Although early birthdays are momentous events that warrant a celebration, small children tend to get overwhelmed by lots of people and things going on. As a child gets older, it will be easier to invite more people.

However don’t feel pressured into inviting a guest just because your child went to their party. To avoid any friction or conflict, arrange a day out or activity with them at another time.

Prepare activities

It is always good to prepare and plan more activities than you probably need, as children’s attention spans can be quite short. Start with a low-key, open-ended activity so kids can join in as soon as they arrive and don’t feel left out.

For a themed birthday party, providing a dress-up box with appropriate clothing will keep children entertained throughout the day. Even if you’ve spent a lot filling it up with various items, you can always sell unwanted clothes afterwards. 

Serve the right food

A birthday cake is obviously going to be the centerpiece of any celebration and it is quite easy to make this appropriate to the theme.

Make sure you have plenty of variety, as children tend to be picky when it comes to food. You may even get the odd vegetarian or two, so make sure your meat-free options aren’t just an afterthought.

Party bags

This is another opportunity to make your child’s themed birthday unique. You can incorporate what’s inside the goody bags with what happens during the party, or they can take home some great memories of a successful birthday celebration.

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