Free Meal Planning For a Lifetime…It Doesn’t Get Any Better!

I’ve always considered myself the reigning Meal Planning Queen…well until this pregnancy slowed me down.  For years, I would look through the sale papers and browse through recipes to determine what meals would grace our table for the week.  About a year ago, I paid for $17 for a 6 month membership to a meal planning site that would help me choose good recipes based on food I had at home as well as print and store those recipes.  After 2 months, I sopped using the site…I can find my own recipes really…I needed something to help me look through these ads and match them to good recipes.

 My Food Budget Update (and Free Meal Planning For Life)

Well, I believe I found the deal of a lifetime this week and (almost) exactly what I was looking for at  This site is fabulous!  It still an emerging business so have some patience, however, if you’re a busy mom like me, I know you’ll love it as much as I do.  Start by selecting your local grocers – you may not find all of them you frequent but more should be added in the months to come.  Even SuperTarget is included.  Next, browse the stores ads for sales, choose the items you want to purchase and save it to your grocery shopping list.  Afterwards, select recipes based on the items you plan to purchase on your grocery list.  These recipes are created and tested by the company’s chefs as well as rated and reviewed by other members on the site.  In addition to all of this, you can even create and save your own recipes on the site so it’s a perfect place to store your favorites while having the option to expand your meal horizons.

Welcome to Food on the Table

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Food on the Table has its own iPhone friendly app.  Yep, you can go to the grocery store and pull up that list (and check items off) right on your phone – prices, recipes, meal plan and all!  You can even link it to your facebook account!  Perfection!!!  And just because I like to save the best for last…you get all of this for a small fee of  FREE!  That’s right FREEFREE for an entire lifetime…FREE is my favorite price!  But hurry, this offer only lasts for the month of April.  Use the promo code SPRINGFREE for this special offer.  When you sign up, add me as your friend on the site and we’ll swap recipes.  Happy meal planning! 😉

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