Enter the Ninja… The New Ninja 3-in-1 Cooking System

I had been mulling over a new blender for months.  While I so desired the Vitamix my sister told me about, my budget simply wouldn’t allow it.  My eyes wandered to the neatest little gadget that economically suited my blending (and mixing) needs, however… enter the Ninja!  I went to several different stores pricing this blender and its different models.  I’m a frugal mom and I have to get the absolute best price, of course!  While at Costco, I gawked at a newly introduced Ninja gadget smartly displayed adjacent to the Ninja blender – the Ninja 3-in-1 Cooking System.  I could no longer focus on the blender… this new Ninja commanded my attention.  I read the stats:  steam roast, bake, sear, slow cook, simmer and saute – WOW!  My mind quickly registered, “MUST HAVE” while my wallet declared, “ahem… we’re ONLY here for a blender!”  Attempting to follow my wallet and not my heart, I quickly put down both Ninjas and ran out of the store – true story!

It was only one day post Ninja-attack that I was invited to an event featuring the new Ninja 3-in-1 Cooking System.  O-M-G!  I normally can’t rearrange my weekday schedule to attend events, but for this I’d put the kids’ basketball practice, drama rehearsals and homework review on serious hold – hey, it’s only one night right?  Right! And ohhhh, what a night!  Not only did I witness the Ninja steam salmon to perfection, bake mini chocolate cupcakes, roast a whole chicken and cook shrimp alfredo without preboiling the pasta – I met Stephanie O’Dea!  Yes, the Stephanie O’Dea… okay, pardon me, my foodie blog geek antennae are showing.  Stephanie is not only a NYT best selling author of several cookbooks, but she hosts one of my favorite blogs – A Year of Slowcooking ().  If she says the Ninja is good, the Ninja is GOOD!!  She had me at “hello!”

Ok, back to the Ninja (putting those antennae away now).  This thing is so friggin’ fantastic!  As I sampled the goodies that were made at the Ninja 3-in-1 demo event, I envisioned how close this Ninja and I would become.  After I left the event, I couldn’t wait to begin this Ninja love affair.  I mean, think of all the pots and pans and dishes this thing will save me – let alone time!  One of my family’s favorite dishes is my pot roast.  I have tried to reduce the number of dishes I use to make my pot roast, but any shortcuts result in an epic failure – and you know I can’t have that!  I season and flour the roast in a plate, then transfer to a skillet for browning.  After placing the roast in the slow cooker, I saute onions in another  pan and then place it atop the roast before adding the cooking juices…. whew!  So let’s see… that’s about what?  2 pans, 1 plate and a slow cooker?  Well… enter the Ninja!  This one pot wonder eliminates the need for my pot, pan and plate circus.  My roast comes out perfectly in this thing.  With just the stovetop setting, I can season, flour and brown my roast as well as saute my onions.  Then keeping all of that right in the pot, I add the liquids and set the slow cooker.  The Ninja has many faces!  I have since tried soups, grains and pastas in the Ninja 3-in-1 Cooking System and they all came out perfectly; and let me reiterate – I didn’t have to pre-boil the pasta!

For winning recipes to try in your Ninja, visit my blog at http://frugalfoodandfare.blogspot.com/ http://PThirty1.com.  Don’t forget to share your Ninja 3-in-1 time-saving recipes right here in the comments.

Below are photos from the event:


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