Birthday *Season* has Officially Begun!

I started writing this post on my actual birthday which was Sunday, April 21st. But I am just getting time to finish it today. Why? Because I was on my way out of town for an awesome trip to hang out with Microsoft. It was a whirlwind I thought that I would have time to do some posts or work, but that did not happen. Whew! It was my 39th birthday. Umm… you mean to tell me next year I will be the big FOUR ZERO?!?!? Gasp!!!! However, the important thing is that I don’t feel it! And I am usually told that I don’t look it. And I’m working towards not looking it even more in the ChiTown Mom’s Fitness challenge.

Usually my birthday takes a back burner to my kids. But this year was pretty awesome. My bestie, Ronni, took me out to dinner on Saturday night. Then on Sunday I flew to Seattle. And during our scheduled Windows Champion dinner, the awesome Microsoft team surprised me with my own birthday cake. And umm… it was red velvet. Can’t go wrong with that. I was so moved, I almost cried like a baby. However, instead I got laughs for pausing to take a picture of my own cake before blowing out the candles. 🙂

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 Besides Sunday being my birthday, it was the start of birthday season (as I like to call it) in my household. My birthday is April 21, followed by my girl’s 10th birthday which was April 25. We had cake and ice cream, but the real festivities are on Saturday.



Moving on into May my boy’s 7th birthday is on May 12, and my honey’s birthday is on May 15. That is a lot of birthdays at one time!!!  And no, it was not planned that way. My girls were born around 5 weeks early. Their due date was May 29. But they decided that they wanted a birthday close to mine. 🙂 I was actually admitted to the hospital for 5 days while pregnant because I went into preterm labor at 26 weeks. This lead to drugs, drugs, and more drugs, a contraction monitor, and 9 long weeks of bedrest! I was given the go ahead to stop the preterm labor drug (terbutaline) on my birthday. And voila! 4 days later my girls were ready to make an appearance.

My boys were in an even bigger hurry. Although they were born on May 12, their due date was not until June 25th, which is also my ex-husband’s birthday. But again, they had other plans, and showed up way early.

This Saturday we are having a birthday party for the girls. I said I would not have a huge party. However, between myself and the other 4-5 moms coming, there may be 16 kids. YIKES! So umm, I guess it is a nice sized party after all.

I’m not sure what I will plan for the boys just yet. They are turning 7, so they are pretty easy to please. 🙂

How about you? Are the birthdays in your house close together? Do you have one big party?

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  1. Birthdays in my household were planned so that there would be a birthday in each season and no one would have to share their day, but my daughter made her appearance 3 months early, so we now have birthdays in winter, spring and summer. We used to really do it up, theme-wise, but not so much anymore.

  2. My boys birthdays are exactly 3 weeks apart. 2/9 and 3/6. My husband bday is 6/19 my daughter is 9/12 and mine is 12/7. They are pretty spaced out for the most part. But June is a bad month, my husband, mother and 2 cousins are that month.

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