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ChiTown Moms stems off the success of Mom’s Nite Out which was first held in May 2011. There were around 60 moms in attendance and we had a great time. Since that time we have heard the question “When are you going to have another event?” over and over again. But, we wanted to do more. Chicago area moms are smart, savvy, and busy. There is always something going on and much to share. We should connect with each other more than just once a year, right?

Here on the ChiTown Mom’s site you can chat, read, and connect with other moms just like you.

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kris_mcdonaldHey there! Thanks for stopping by. I’m Kris McDonald a Chicago area wife, mother to 2 sets of twins, photographer, gadget addict, social media maven, social event planner, IT professional, and blogger. On my main blog, LittleTechGirl.com, I write about my love of gadgets, social media, travel and anything else that crosses my mind.

I’ve been involved in social media since the year 2000. Heck, possibly before that. I have experience building web communities for moms, manning forums, designing web sites and blogs, and more.

ChiTown Moms is just one of her many projects that stems from her internet community management experience. Kris has been involved in some form of social media for over 12 years. She has experience managing forums for moms including several on iVillage, and several that she built herself.

Kris figured out a while ago that she was destined to be a busy body really busy (hence the 2 sets of twins), and she has found peace with that.

For even more information on Kris, check out her About Page on LittleTechGirl.com



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Ronni Roseman is mother to two beautiful children, a 6 year old son, and a 5 year old daughter. She has recently transitioned from working full time, to exclusively running her successful personalized gift business, WhatchuNeed Unlimited. WhatchuNeed Unlimited began as a pile of ribbon, wicker, wire, and cellophane on the dining room table of Ronni’s first apartment.  Ronni’s baskets had been popular among her family, friends and coworkers for quite some time because of their quirky contents, always tailor-made especially for the recipient.  At one point, people started expecting a basket for special occasions and would actually be upset if Ronni brought a store-bought gift to a function.  After a while, she became the natural go-to girl whenever people wanted to give a unique, personalized gift.  Eventually, the demand for her time became a little stronger, and she was constantly in competition with herself, always trying to top the last basket she’d created with the next one.  When someone suggested she go into business for herself, she did.  In 2001, www.WhatchuNeed.com became the culmination of 5 years of great fun and hard work.  Ronni’s Motto:  If uNeed it, we got it.  If we ain’t got it, we can get it.  If we can’t get it, it must not be WhatchuNeed!